Precision Cutting Technologies WHAT WE DO?

Extensive selection of Precision Cutting equipment & process capabilities are available at our CCL Design manufacturing sites to support our customers across a full range of functional & decorative product design applications.

Rotary Die Cutting

Rotary Die Cutting systems are applied for high volume production of a full range of precision die cut components. Examples of these products include:

  • Spacers
  • Gaskets
  • Screen films
  • Packaging wraps
  • Electrical & Thermal management components
  • Battery carriers

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Fast effective and precise - ideally suited for high volume applications

Advanced Engineer, CCL Suzhou

(Our Rotary Die Cutting capabilities)

Flat Bed Die Cutting

Reel to Reel converting capability, incorporating precision flatbed die cutting stations, for low to medium volume production of precision die cut components.

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Much needed capability allows us to respond to customer challenging demands for sample & engineering trial products

Die Cut Engineer, CCL Suzhou

(Our Flat Bed Die Cutting capabilities)

Match Metal Die Cutting

Sheet or Reel feed die cutting system utilising Match Metal, (male/female), tooling for production of precision die cut products.

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Optical registered system provides consistent, high accuracy die cutting.

Technical Manager, CCL Suzhou

(Our Match Metal Die Cutting Capabilities)

Laser Converting

Sheet feed & Reel to Reel feed converting systems incorporating state of art laser technology have high precision cutting capability. Primary used for producing range of specialised precision die cut PET products.

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Our laser conversion lines can be customised for specific products

Advanced Engineer, CCL Suzhou

(Our Sheet Laser Cutting capabilities)

CNC Cutting & Routing

CNC machine processing capability used for precision cutting & routing of a range of acrylic based sub-components & products.

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Capability delivers precision accuracy every time

Advanced Engineer, CCL Suzhou

(Our CNC Cutting & Routing capabilities)

Clamshell Cutting

Clamshell presses used for accurate die cutting of large sheets of blank or pre-printed plastic materials.

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Continues to be one of our stable workhorses for cutting screen printed label overlays

Production Manager, CCL Suzhou

(Our Clamshell Capabilities)


Thermo-forming & cutting capability utilised for converting of thin gauge materials such as PET & PC into complex 2D / 3D shapes and profiles.

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Another vertically integrated conversion capability, complementing our core competencies & expanding our product offerings

General Manager, CCL Suzhou

(Our Thermoforming capabilities)