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Labels & Overlays WHAT IS IT?

CCL Design Electronics manufactures a wide range of Labels & Overlays offering:

  • Our own labelstock materials designed and developed by our Materials Science team

  • These materials combine bespoke topcoats, adhesives, films and liners

  • Superior product performance with cost effective pricing

  • Products meet the requirements of UL, cUL and CSA standards for marking and labelling

  • Wide range of product options from tamper resistance to extreme durability


Propriety topcoat chemistry is combined with state of the art printing technology to deliver superb print quality and industry leading durability.

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Technical Manager CCL Suzhou

Our engineers call it a brand label with ultra-durable top coat and ink chemistry

Technical Manager, CCL Suzhou

AMD Durable Laptop Labels
(Examples of our Durables)

High Temperature Labels

CCL Design electronics offers the next generation of high temperature resistant tracking labels for use in PCB assembly where temperatures up to and beyond 300°C are commonly used.

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Development Chemist CCL Suzhou

Our clients call these labels practically indestructible

Development Chemist, CCL Suzhou

High Temperature Label on PCB Board
(Examples of our High Temperature Labels)

Screen Printed Overlays

These are typically subsurface printed on clear films such as polycarbonate and polyester. A wide range of surface textures and scratch resistant coatings are available and are used in combination with transfer and printable adhesives.

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CCL Customer Brand Manager

With a choice of hard-coats, textures and gloss levels combined with subsurface printing, CCL’s Overlays are completely indelible

Brand Manager, CCL Customer

Screen Printed Overlay for Cisco Router Switch
(Examples of our Screen Printed Nameplates)

Thermal Transfer Labels

Thermal Transfer Printing or Print on Demand (POD) solutions enables our customers to print any information required on their Label when it is required. This process gives the customer ultimate flexibility and quality for their compliance or identification labelling requirements.

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Variable Data Engineer CCL Suzhou

We pioneered the process for high volume / high mix manufacturing – meaning we are able to vastly improve efficiency and reduce costs for our clients

Variable Data Engineer, CCL Suzhou

Thermal Transfer Compset Labels for Laptop Chassis & Components
(Examples of our Thermal Transfer Printing)

Point of Sale Labels

These labels utilise state of the art printing technologies to give photographic print quality with ultra-removable adhesives to ensure clean removal.

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Marketing Manager CCL Customer

With ultra-removable adhesive, our product is left without any trace of residue

Marketing Manager, CCL Customer

Point of Sale Labels for Televisions Detailing TV Features
(Examples of our Point of Sales Labels)