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CCL Industries Logo

Device Brand Enhancement WHAT IS IT?

CCL Design Electronics continue to provide high quality branding products to the major brands in the global consumer electronics industry. Our products include:

Collaboration with our customers through the design process always delivers the most successful route to developing a solution. Understanding the application specification allows us to optimise for Cosmetic, Durability and Functional performance requirements.

Brand Labels

High Quality Flexo, Letterpress, Digital Offset and Screen printing onto CCL Design proprietary and industry standard materials.

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Brand Manager CCL Customer

Meeting all of our reliability requirements and delivering the brand message beautifully!

Brand Manager, CCL Customer

Sheets of AMD Brand Metallic Labels
(Examples of Our Brand Labels)

Brand Nameplates

High Quality Screen printing onto Industry Standard and CCL Design proprietary and industry standard materials.

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Product Development Manager CCL Customer

Their design ideas made our logo pop… just exactly what we needed!

Product Development Manager, CCL Customer

HP Enterprises Storage Brand Nameplate Labels
(Example of Our Brand Nameplates)

Brand Inlay - Plastic

CCL Design proprietary process delivering extreme flexibility in terms of colours and finishes.

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Customer Quality Manager CCL Customer

This Brand Inlay gave us the metal look which we wanted, but with no RFI issues and no environmental concerns!

Customer Quality Manager, CCL Customer

Amazon Chassis & Amazon Brand Inlay Logo
(Example of Our Brand Inlay - Plastic)

Brand Inlay - Metal

High Quality Electro-Formed Logos

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Advanced Engineer CCL Suzhou

Well controlled processes mean that higher yields are achieved which drives attractive and sustainable pricing!

Advanced Engineer, CCL Suzhou

Electroformed Samsung Metal Inlay Logo
(Example of Our Brand Inlay - Metal)

Brand Logos

High Quality EF, Stainless Steel, Aluminium or Plastic discrete logos

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Purchasing Manager CCL Customer

The sheer breadth of the product range, meant they could deliver on the exact look I wanted!

Purchasing Manager, CCL Customer

Collection of Electroformed Plastic & Aluminium Logos
(Examples of Our Brand Logos)

Decorative Trim

  • Thicker, more rigid decorative overlays.
  • Often enhancing an entire face of the device

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R & D Technical Manager CCL East Kilbride

A few years ago, these would have had to be moulded as a part of the A-Cover. This innovative product delivers so much more flexibility… oh, and it looks great!

R & D Technical Manager, CCL East Kilbride

Decorative Trim for Smartphones
(Examples of Our Decorative Trims)

Decorative Camera / Flash Cover

Combining decorative trim requirements with optical functionality.

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Product Development Manager CCL Customer

Their ability to deliver the look we visualise is breathtaking!

Product Development Manager, CCL Customer

3 Huawei Leica Camera Flash Covers for Smartphones
(Examples of Our Decorative Camera / Flash Covers)

Decorative & Functional LCD Covers

From simple windows to touch screen cover or interface

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Product Development Director CCL East Kilbride

Optical, cosmetic and functional requirements all understood and executed to specification… first time!

Product Development Director, CCL East Kilbride

Sony LCD Decorative Display Cover
(Example of Our Decorative & Functional LCD Covers)